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Inclusively Creative: A Global Recovery

Addressing how the world should recover requires an inclusive, holistic approach. It also should address the importance of creative economy as the part of it. Creativity bounds by the power of people and culture, two aspect that is eternal in our civilization. Thus, the assets of creativity shall always be there.

Identifying this limitless asset could lead us to the key of a global recovery: Innovation. With the existence of digitalization, humans ability to innovate, and the long-standing cultural modality; creative economy brings a new dimension of economy and triggers the new, holistic modes of global economic recovery.

Creative Economy for Global Revival

In this subtheme, we will take a look on the appropriate decision making to produce creative policies and initiatives, as well as accelerating recovery process. We are also providing opportunities for creatives to share their stories and perspective, to inspire and elevate others.

Inclusivity and SDGs Agenda

We will revisit WCCE's 'inclusively creative' principles, while reconnecting them with today's global phenomena. We also see the fit of the creative economy, with the SDGs and their opportunities; and addressing global disparities through creative solutions and local wisdom.

IP and Rights of the Creative

This sub-theme will explore the importance of IPR protection, embrace new modes of digital protection, and look further into how to better protect artists/creators through conventional and modern safety net mechanisms.

The Future of Creative Economy

We will attempt to look at the world in 10, 20, even 50 years, and get a glimpse of how creativity can change the direction of the world. We will also emphasize the compatibility of the creative economy to the world economic ecosystem in the future.

Bali Creative Economy Roadmap 2022


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